Healthcare organizations are adopting cloud services at an accelerating rate due to their ability to enable collaboration between physicians, as well as improve operational efficiencies through greater workforce productivity and streamlined business processes.

However, recent healthcare data breaches, including the massive theft of PHI data from Anthem Blue Cross, as well as periodic breaches by insiders, point to the profound risks to healthcare related data. This is especially true of data shared in the cloud that is typically more exposed than data stored within the network perimeter. The inherently high value of healthcare records to hackers, as well as the steep HIPAA and other compliance related fines and remediation costs that come with a healthcare data breach, leaves healthcare IT in a quandary. How can they enable the cloud services physicians and administrators are demanding, while keeping healthcare data safe and compliant? This whitepaper "How Healthcare Organizations Stay Compliant in the Cloud" addresses these challenges and answers the following questions:

  • What are the data security threats and compliance risks in healthcare?
  • What security requirements are required to address the risk to PHI and other sensitive healthcare data?
  • How can Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions help safeguard cloud apps and set policies around their usage?