Google Scolds Businesses for Thinking Data is Safer On-Prem Than in the Cloud

Google Drive has enabled millions of users to easily share documents and collaborate more effectively. However, a lack of visibility and control by IT departments over these users and their activity in Google Drive has actually dramatically increased the risk of malicious or accidental leakage of business-critical data.

In this webcast, cloud security experts Nitin Kumar of Cisco, and Sergio Castro of Elastica will discuss best practices for protecting your data in Google Drive. You will learn:

  • What base level security Google Drive provides (and what it doesn't)
  • Examples of companies that are facing these issues and how they are solving them
  • Best practices in identifying sensitive, shared content that may violate compliance policies (PCI, PHI, PII, etc.)
  • Best practices in using data science to uncover risky or anomalous behavior
  • How to automate protection against Google Drive data breaches

CPE Logo Submitter  This webcast counts towards 1 point of CPE credit.