Dropbox has revolutionized how employees can access, share and manage company data and collaborate more effectively. But while the distributive nature of cloud based file sharing makes it invaluable to business productivity, it also adds increased risk of malicious or accidental leakage of business-critical data.

Today's cloud sharing services like Dropbox require a complete rethinking of traditional security practices to ensure proper access control, security, and compliance as corporate assets migrate outside the enterprise boundary into 3rd party cloud apps. Implementing these security practices starts with gaining visibility into how cloud apps are being used by employees, identifying sensitive content and how it is being shared, uncovering risky or anomalous behavior, and proactively enforcing policies to protect against internal or external threats.

In this webinar, you will learn how your organization can leverage Dropbox while protecting data from attacks and maintaining corporate compliance and governance requirements.

  • Achieve Visibility and Control: Shed light on how Dropbox is being used by your employees and the risk profile/posture of their behavior.
  • Leverage Data Science: Understand how data science can proactively protect against internal and external threats.
  • Extend Corporate Data Compliance: Discover sensitive data residing on Dropbox and how to provide DLP functionality.