Elastica conducted an exhaustive analysis of over 100 million customer files in order to better understand how employees use (and occasionally abuse) file sharing apps. This data has been anonymized and aggregated and, for the first time ever, sheds some much-needed light on typical file sharing behaviors, the nature of the data being shared, including unmanaged "shadow data", and the possible consequences of file sharing data breaches for organizations like yours.

In this webcast, "Shadow Data Exposed", Elastica delves deeply into this research data to help you unlock the business potential of cloud sharing apps and uncover and manage the "Shadow Data" stored in them, while ensuring these apps are used safely and in compliance with your corporate policy. You will learn:

  • Why traditional security technologies like Cloud DLP, firewalls, endpoint solutions and antivirus are ineffective in the brave new world of file sharing apps?
  • How to spot 7 risks of managing file sharing apps, as revealed by Elastica's big security data research?
  • How to build an effective cloud app security architecture that provides visibility, control and remediation?