Do you find protecting your company's sensitive data a challenge with the proliferation of unauthorized apps used by your employees, especially those on mobile devices? If you are like most companies, over 500 apps are running on your network at any given time. Many of these are mobile native apps running on wireless networks, where employees are storing everything from IP to customer data, often in violation of PII, PCI and PHI compliance.

So what do you do?

In the latest webcast from Elastica and Centrify: Top 7 ways to protect your data in the face of Shadow IT and Enterprise SaaS, you will learn how you can:

  • Discover the presence of Shadow IT and Shadow Data and understand the implications from an IT risk, governance, and compliance perspective.
  • Get needed visibility and security controls between users and the cloud-based services they consume.
  • Protect your data in the face of Shadow IT and Shadow Data.
  • Get enterprise identity access control to SaaS applications without the added cost of an alternate MDM solution.