When it comes to storing shadow data in cloud sharing apps without IT visibility and control, what you don't know truly CAN hurt you. Compliance violations, fines and loss of company reputation often follow when employees using file sharing apps accidentally or maliciously expose sensitive files to unauthorized outsiders or worse – fall prey to data-hungry hackers.

Elastica conducted an exhaustive analysis of over 100 million customer files in order to better understand how employees use (and often abuse) file sharing apps. This data has been anonymized and aggregated for our latest data-driven industry report, The 7 Deadly Sins of Managing File Sharing Apps.

This industry report "The 7 Deadly Sins of Managing File Sharing Apps" sheds some much-needed light for the first time ever, on typical file sharing behaviors, the nature of the data being broadly shared, including unmanaged shadow data. You will also learn the possible consequences of file sharing data breaches for organizations like yours.