New SANS Institute case study on Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance.

It’s a growing problem: Increased use of SSL/TLS means more security threats are hiding in your encrypted traffic. How do you find an Encrypted Traffic Management (ETM) solution that inspects it all without slowing down the network? How do you overcome the limitations of traditional SSL decryption solutions?

Read the new SANS Institute What Works™: Inspecting Encrypted Traffic with the Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance and learn about the experiences of a global media company. You will discover:

  1. Why it’s harder than ever to detect potential threats in encrypted traffic
  2. How to achieve comprehensive inspection and visibility without a
    performance hit
  3. Why it’s important to transparently handle certificates and related issues
  4. Why SSL inspection must be supported on all ports, not just HTTP/HTTPS ports
  5. And more