With 47% of enterprises losing data in the cloud at one time or another, it’s clear that the time for Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions that can secure SaaS app usage has come. Unfortunately, traditional Cloud DLP solutions just don’t cut it. As organizations move more of their sensitive data onto SaaS providers’ servers, traditional Cloud DLP solutions are unable to provide sufficient visibility into the SaaS environment, or worse yet, are not able to operate in the “as a service” environments at all.

Download the Whitepaper 7 Deadly Sins of Traditional Cloud DLP in the Face of SaaS Apps, and learn how Elastica exposes the limitations of traditional Cloud DLP solutions in a world where employees are increasingly turning to SaaS applications for business productivity. The paper also provides helpful insights that can help you to select the right solution for securing the data your organization is storing in the cloud and avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins.