Cyber criminals are evolving. Make
    sure your network protection is too.

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    As criminals exploit unsuspecting users, stopping malware takes fresh new thinking.

    In 2009, Blue Coat saw a dramatic shift in how people use the web (both personally and professionally) and how cyber criminals drive unsuspecting users to malware by exploiting  trust in the Internet and social networking tools.   With this report you’ll get a summary of findings from Blue Coat Labs (information normally reserved for private briefings with customers around the globe) and gain insight into the current state of Web security, including:

    • How thieves are using traditional malware threats in new, hard-to-detect ways.
    • How social networking is becoming the #1 thorn-in-the-side of security experts.
    • Information on innovative threats like fake antivirus, fake video codec and more.
    • Examples of today’s most popular (and rapidly-emerging) online scams.
    • Solutions for outsmarting today’s ever-evolving, ultra-smart cyber criminals.
    • Eight predictions for 2010, and what impact these changes will have on your network.

    Don’t be left scratching your head in disbelief as cybercrime advances. Keep your network up-to-date and your users protected from advancing malware  threats as Web 2.0 and social media changes the way users access the network.

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