Defeat Advanced Threats With Cloud Generation Malware Analysis

The success of recent malware attacks has made headlines by crippling corporations, robbing shareholders, and damaging the credit of thousands of consumers. These attacks make it abundantly clear that cybercriminals continue to evolve, creating adaptive threats and malware that can bypass the security defenses of many organizations. Some advanced malware can actually sense a sandbox environments and mutate like a biological virus. At the same time, hackers continue to show endless ingenuity in penetrating corporate networks using new avenues like cloud apps and mobility to breach corporate networks.

Download our white paper and learn:

  • How malware is evolving and how it functions
  • How malware can be identified, neutralized, and blocked by what we refer to as cloud generation malware analysis
  • How a cloud-delivered security platform offers unique advantages to enterprises trying to secure mobile users and environments that are aggressively adopting cloud applications