Cloud applications promise new levels of productivity, yet risks from the unsanctioned use of cloud applications (shadow IT) have significant data loss, compliance and threat risks.

Blue Coat recently acquired Elastica, the leading cloud access security broker (CASB) technology startup, and has integrated Elastica's shadow IT visibility and reporting capabilities with an Intelligence data feed to ProxySG/SWG appliances, providing policy-based access control over shadow IT.

Watch the webinar that shows you how it works together to help you cut the risk and regain control over shadow IT. We'll discuss:

  • How to use your ProxySG or Web Security Service logs to get detailed visibility and ongoing monitoring into shadow IT usage and risk.
  • Example policies on ProxySG to block the riskiest applications or to enable advanced inspection by decrypting and analyzing contents with DLP and malware protection engines.
  • Get a peek into new security and compliance controls that can work across your sanctioned Office 365, Salesforce and other cloud applications.