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Lifecycle Defense to protect and empower the business

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Master advanced threat defense.

Empower your organization to shift focus from protection to exploring new possibilities with a unified Lifecycle Defense.

Gartner Research Paper

Advanced architecture for advanced attacks

A new Gartner report explains why traditional blocking strategies aren’t effective against advanced attacks—and tells you what’s needed for complete protection.

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The Lifecycle Defense


Protect on-going operations by identifying and blocking known threats.


Detect and interpret unknown threats for maximum incident containment.

Investigate &
Remediate Breach

Remediate and resolve any occurring incidents quickly and efficiently.

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SANS Institute: Under Threat or Compromise – Every Detail Counts

A new report from SANS highlights the need for – and the elements of – a comprehensive security strategy.

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Gartner Research Paper
2014 Cyberthreat Defense Report

2014 Cyberthreat Defense Report

New insights: Why cyber attacks succeed - and how to respond. Read the 2014 Cyberthreat Defense Report from the CyberEdge Group to learn more and gain fresh insights from your peers.

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Strengthen your defenses

Our Advanced Threat Protection interactive checklist provides the top ten questions to consider when designing your adaptive security architecture and key areas you must address at each phase of an effective threat lifecycle defense

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ATP Checklist Tool

Move beyond fear

Outpace fast-changing security threats with a comprehensive approach to threat protection—so you can empower your organization to adopt new technologies.

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ATP Solution Brief
ATP Essentials - Part 1

Advanced Threat Protection Essentials- Part 1

The first of this series of papers will help you see advanced threats in a whole new light. Because the more you understand about advanced threat protection, the more you’ll understand how it can empower your business.